Woodfruits of Norfolk is a working example of very low impact agriculture.

By taking care of the environment and good design, Woodfruits is sustainable in every sense of the word.

We have made use of recycled materials for construction to reduce our carbon footprint.

We provide our own power supply using solar panels (pv). As the system produces electricity it is stored. We are not connected to the National Grid. Great care has been taken to ensure that the system is balanced between our supply and our demand.

Our mushrooms need soft water to grow at their optimum so we provide our own water supply by harvesting the rain water from the buildings. We have a storage capacity of 7500 litres. We also have a mains supply for those uses that rainwater is not suitable for.

Our heat is from a biomass boiler which mostly consumes timber from the site, including the spent blocks from mushroom production. To maintain the fuel supply we implement traditional coppicing techniques and we have planted over 2000 trees, creating 3 new woodlands.
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