Production Systems
Woodfruits log cultivation. Our shiitake mushrooms from log cultivation are grown on oak timber from our own woodland or locally sourced oak or alder. Each spring we start a new batch by drilling and inoculating these logs with spawn. After 2 years of resting in the correct conditions, they are ready to start producing mushrooms, the timing of which is controlled by manipulating their environment. They can stay productive for up to 6 years. Production can take place all year round. This is a fascinating process which the hobby grower can challenge themselves with.

Woodfruits Block Production. We create the blocks using local sawdust, wood chip, bran and buffered with gypsum (by using organic bran the process has been given organic status). These blocks are sterilised and inoculated with quality shiitake or oyster spawn from a specialist Scottish producer. These blocks mature for up to 12 weeks, after which we fruit them using our controlled environment system. The process is carried out in our purpose built facility.

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